Links and information

Australian Psychological Society (APS)
American Psychological Association (APA)
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)

Anxiety Treatment Australia
Shyness and Social Anxiety Treatment Australia
Anxiety Disorders: The role of Psychotherapy in Effective Treatment, APA
When Health Fears Hurt Health: On medical anxieties and phobias, APA
Answers to Your Questions about Panic Disorder, APA

Friendlier ties to good health: On links between social relationships and physical health, APA
Understanding and Managing Relationship Problems: APS online tip sheet
Nine Psychological Tasks for a Good Marriage: APA

How Psychotherapy Helps People Recover from Depression, APA
Understanding and managing depression, APS online tip sheet

Wellbeing and quality of life
Mind/Body Health: Did you Know? On links between physical and psychological health, APA
The road to resilience: On the nature of psychological resilience, APA
Making working families work: On work / life balance, APA
Mind/Body Health: Job Stress, APA
Authenitc Happiness, Website of Dr Martin Seligman, founder of the Positive Psychology movement

Drugs and alcohol
Understanding Alcohol Use Disorders and Their Treatment, APA
Alcohol and Other Drugs, APS online tip sheet

Hypnosis Today - Looking Beyond the Media Portrayal, APA
Hypnosis and Health: Q & A on hypnosis, from the Encyclopedia of Mental Health (Academic Press, 1998), and NIMH funded research
From the Stage to the Lab: On neuroimaging studies of hypnosis, APA
Hypnosis For the Relief of Pain: Evidence regarding hypnosis in pain management, APA
Overview of published research to date on hypnosis for IBS: Evidence regarding hypnosis and IBS,

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